The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) foundation continues to accept registrations for the 2017 ASEAN Data Science Explorers (ADE) Competition.


            The ADE is data analytics competition that encourages ASEAN youths in all ten ASEAN Member States to harness the power of data, highlighting the key issues in ASEAN and derive meaningful insights that lead to innovative solutions.


Listed below are the competition details:




The contest is open to the following:


  1. Nationals of ASEAN member countries (ie. Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam)


  1. Full-time tertiary students currently pursuing their Diploma / Undergraduate studies in one of the tertiary institutions in Southeast Asia (includes Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam);


  1. Individuals above the age of 16 as at the start of the Contest Period. Parental consent is required for participants under the age of 18.



Rules and Regulation


  • Each participant is only eligible to join ONE team.


  • Each team will consist of 2 members from the same university. Both members of the team should hold a valid passport in the event that they are chosen to travel down to Jakarta for the regional competition.


  • Each team is allowed to submit only one entry. This entry will be used to judge for qualifying rounds to finals. No amendment is allowed after submission has closed.


  • The entry must be built using SAP Business Objects Cloud.


  • Each team must adhere to the submission guidelines stated.
  • Teams are allowed to use given data or data from other reliable sources (publicly accessible or via special permissions from the owner of the dataset) but they must be clearly acknowledged in the submission form.


  • All submissions must be in English.


  • All submitted material must be original and created by team members. If previously published content is used, it must be properly attributed to the original author.




Action Timeframe Online registration 2 May - 16 June 2017

Online submission 16 June - 11 September 2017

National finals (in 10 ASEAN Member States) End October to early November

ASEAN Face-off End November 2017


Final Selection and Prizes


Judging criteria:


Visualization: Use of visual analysis, compelling charts and graphs to depict the datasets and give viewers meaningful insights.

Data: volume, variety and relevance of data used to support your theme.

Compelling story: Design and layout of storyboard. Plausible recommendations, creativity and overall flow of the story.

User Experience: “Wow” Factor in total user experience. 




National finals:

Cash prizes for the top three winning teams across 10 countries:

o 1st place: € 800 (will participate in the regional competition)

o 2nd place: € 400

o 3rd place: € 200


ASEAN Face-off:

Cash prizes for the top three winning teams:

o 1st place: € 1800

o 2nd place: € 1200

o 3rd place: € 600


Those interested can find out more about the competition and register online via the official website:

Are you a college or university student with a knack for design? 2000 US Dollars could be yours, should you win the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) “Metal Enrich Your Life” Design Contest.


            Initiated by the Metal Industries Research & Development Center of Chinese Taipei, the metal-based artwork contest will have 2 themes: Metal “Dechnology” (design and technology)" and " Smart Green Vehicle ".


The contest aims to provide students with a creative training platform to create unique, culturally-inspired designs, as well as address urban congestion issues through the development of innovative concepts and the introduction of related courses.


Three winners of the Best Creativity Award will be selected for each theme, and will be awarded US $ 2,000, US $ 1,000, and US $ 800 respectively.


            Interested individuals are required to register at before June 30, 2017, and submit their entries before August 15, 2017.


The contest’s final results will be announced before September 15, 2017, where the top three winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony on October 17, 2017, during the APEC summit in Kaosiung, Chinese Taipei.


            Travel expenses and accommodation costs for the 5-day duration will be fully subsidized by the organizer.


            For more information, you may visit the abovementioned website of contact Ms. Doris Hsueh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Titay Municipal Hall on the SFTP Festival opening day

In its bid to bring the gains of science and technology closer to the people, the Department of Science and Technology Regional Office No. IX (DOST-IX) brought its fiesta-inspired version of the agency-wide Science for the People (SFTP) to the municipality of Titay in Zamboanga Sibugay Province.

The celebration of the SFTP Festival aims to reduce demographic inequality, create opportunities for businesses and employment, build and strengthen partnerships with local organizations, and expand the potential for growth in the countryside.

Through the SFTP Festival events, communities are set to benefit from the opportunities to be created by tech bazaars and exhibits, technology business fora, and various S&T trainings, among other enriching activities.


Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay

Located at the western part of the Zamboanga Peninsula (ZamPen), Titay is a humble yet thriving municipality that acts as the gateway for travelers headed for Zamboanga del Norte and the other provinces of ZamPen. Given its inland location and distance from the main cities, it is often found on the wanting side of science and its advancements.

Knowing that the municipality was set to celebrate its Araw ng Titay on the 24th of May, DOST-IX held the first of the three-day SFTP festival on the 22nd, ensuring that the festival’s final day would end in a bang.


The Exhibits

As early as 7am, the municipal hall saw participants pour in by the hundreds, each making their way through the agency’s various displays sprawled across the grounds’ expanse.

Each exhibit had its own S&T advantage to bring to the table; the Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosk Stations or STARBOOKS, offered onlookers a glimpse of its capabilities - a digital library that allows users access to over 500,000 local and foreign S&T resources in text, video, and audio formats, which include digitized journals, serial publications, reference materials, and other sci-tech resources found in the DOST-STII (Science and Technology Information Institute)'s libraries.

The agency’s RSTL or Regional Standards and Testing Laboratories exhibit shared to guests the various laboratory services they offer, as well as introduce them to OneLab - a platform that interconnects DOST labs and their services, allowing customers to submit their samples to the nearest DOST lab for analysis, testing, and/or calibration - even if that lab currently does not have the means to process the said sample.

Also on display was the RxBox, - a compact, easy to operate, 6-part telemedicine device that could immediately and accurately provide patients data on their current health status. The RxBox contains a Blood Pressure Monitor a Pulse oximeter – which measures the level of oxygen in the patient’s blood, an Electrocardiogram or (ECG) a Fetal Heart Monitor a Maternal Tocometer – that measures the strength of a mother’s uterine contractions during labor and delivery, and a Temperature Sensor.

Adjacent to the RxBox stood lifesaving devices of a different kind; project DEWS (Deployment of Early Warning Systems) put on display models of the different warning devices installed in the municipality and in the region, as well as educated participants on how these devices aided in preventing and mitigating potential disasters.


Acting as the event’s concession stand, the Techno Bazaar featured products from DOST-assisted businesses and firms – everything from Cassava chips to crafted art – all acquired through the agency’s SETUP (Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program), and available on – the online e-commerce web portal for S&T goods and commodities.

Day 1

A number of forums were conducted on the SFTP’s first day. One gave Titayanons an in-depth look at the agency’s S&T support services, and the SETUP program, where investment and technology-transfer opportunities in the municipality were discussed;


The other, a discourse on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, which educated locals on the different types of disasters, their early detection, and how the said could and would affect their municipality.

Day 2

The second day saw residents participate in the different techno trainings and demonstrations conducted by the agency. Titayanons gained advanced knowledge in Buko juice processing, as well as the processing of various fish and meat products.

As a locale having much of the said resources available, the conduct of the techno trainings is expected to better the knowledge of residents who are engaged in the business of dealing with such, as well as inspire others to venture into the trade.

A forum on other important DOST programs and services was also held for the benefit of the community. Among those discussed were the RxBox, and the agency’s CEST (Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology) and S&T scholarship programs.

Day 3

An event of this scale deserved nothing short of an exit equivalent its grandiosity. As such, the event’s third day called for 3 major activities: tree planting, a nutri-feeding program for children, and the sharing of agency-assisted products to senior citizens.


At first light, DOST-IX, along with the local police and other local government agencies set out for the municipality’s barangay Imelda, where over 100 fruit-bearing trees were planted.

Immediately after the activity, the agency made their way to the municipality gymnasium, where close to 800 people – made up of mothers, children, and senior citizens – took part in the culminating activity.

In the days to come, DOST-IX plans to bring the Science for the People Festival to even more towns and municipalities in the region, continuing its drive to improve the quality of life in distant remote communities through science and technology.

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