The ZCHRD-AdZU Research Utilization Webinar Series on "Research Utilization in the CoVid-19 Era: Urgency & Practicality concluded with over 70 Zoom participants from 14 different institutions last 18 March 2021. The webinar aims to demonstrate the value of research utilization during health pandemic in general and CoViD-19 in particular, and show the urgency and practicality of the use of the research results available worldwide to address health pandemic in the locality. The Resource Speaker is Dr. Norvie Taruc Jalani, ZCHRD-Research Agenda and Management Committee Chair and Research Manager/Medical Specialist of Zamboanga City Medical Center #healthresearch #ZCHRD


Today, we amplify the call for equitable and accessible healthcare for women. The study "Enabling action: Reflections upon Inclusive participatory research on health with women with disabilities in the Philippines," evaluated the W-DARE, a three-year program of disability-inclusive participatory research and how it contributes in addressing the existing healthcare gaps for women with disabilities. Read more here:

For more related health researches, you may visit or the following links:

Are we equal in adversity? Does Covid-19 affect women and men differently? (2020)

Pagdipara : Caring work by poor elderly women in coastal communities in Iloilo, Philippines (2019)

Violence Against Women and Gender Equality in the Philippines: Are they Related? (2018)

Double burden for women in mid- and later life: evidence from time-use profiles in Cebu, the Philippines (2018)

The right to deworming: The case for girls and women of reproductive age (2018)

Seventeen-year changes in body mass index, waist circumference, elevated blood pressure, and diabetes phenotypes in a cohort of Filipino women (2018)

#WomenMakeChange #JuanaLabansaPandemyaKaya #healthresearchph

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An amalgamation of thirty-three (33) member agencies which include representatives from the private sector, the RRDICom is tasked with identifying and addressing needs from a Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) perspective, and to provide policy directions to guide stakeholders and partners toward developing the RDI capabilities of the Region.

Full Article:

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Watch vaccine expert Dr. Nina Gloriani's discussion on the topic through the replay of the webinar "Understanding How COVID-19 Vaccines Work" via this link: This webinar was organized by the Ateneo de Manila Institute of Philippine Culture in partnership with the DOST-PCHRD. #healthresearchph\

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